Product Info, Return Policy & Purchasing Consent

Return Policy:
We do not accept returns or exchanges, but if there is a problem with order or the toy itself contact us immediately. Before opening the toy inspect, we can only accept returns if it is a manufacturing error.

Toy Appearance:
Our toys are hand made and because of that there might be minor imperfections with the toy, none of these imperfections effect it's use or safety. So if you are looking for a completely smooth toy these might not be for you. We are cat owners and although our toys are made in a studio that does not allow any animals inside there is always the possibility of hair transferring to the toy during the packaging process, if this is a concern our toys might not be for you.

Purchasing Consent:
If you have entered this website you have agreed that you are over the age of 18, if this is not the case please come back when you are. If you have purchased a toy and are under the age of 18 that is in direct violation of our policies and no refund will be given, the order will be canceled, and you will be banned even after you turn 18.
We here at Sexmares really don’t want our products to fall into the hands of minors so please respect this policy.