Toy Care, Safety & Firmness Guide

We here at Sexmares use only the finest body safe materials to manufacture your toy so if there are any issues contact us ASAP. 
We are just as excited as you for you to try our toys as we are but there are a few things we should cover about care and maintenance.
Platinum silicone is an amazing material but it is not indestructible so....

  • No biting, even if the toy bites first.
  • Do not store sharp objects near your toy, be careful around sharp finger nails.
  • Wash toy thoroughly with soap and water when you first receive and after each use to avoid a build up of bacteria. You can also boil the toy, this will not effect the silicone.
  • Make sure the toy is stored in a dry area away from chemicals, we recommend a plastic bag or sealed container.
  • Silicone toys do not like silicone based lubricate so use a water based lube. Silicone based lubricated can damage the toy.
  • Platinum silicone toys do not play well with toy made of lower quality materials so only store with toys you are sure are made of 100% platinum silicone.



We will always list what firmness our toys come in, so far we only offer Firm (10A) and Medium Firm (00-50). Soon we will be adding a Soft (00-30) to our customs and current inventory.

Sexmares takes no responsibility for an injury, loss or damage based on the information presented in this care sheet.
Sexmares can also not provide any warranty based on this care sheet or the information provided within.